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This is the new trend we spotted on all the most fashionable stars: from Kristen Stewart to Kirsten Dunst, Daisy Lowe or Cameron Diaz, this summer they all tie up their top. T-shirt, blouse or tank top… no more dangling! This is a fashion statement we can only like. Your turn now… chic!

What lipstick does the star wear on stage? The Aqua Red # 8! Ys, an iconic glossy red Madonna created with Gina Brooke, her personal make-up artist, for the brand Make Up For Ever. Its plus? A liquid texture, super fast to apply, which gives both the shine of a gloss and the holding of a lipstick… a must for a star, that is us!

Aqua Red No. 8 - Available in September.


We discovered these beautiful creations made ​​from coral and shells. And like when we were small, envy takes us to stick our ears on these little gems steeped in iodine to hear … the ocean!



Do not forget to take:

Shorts made of an old pair of jeans you just cut. Why add some unnecessary cost?
A straw hat and why not a wide-brimmed hat?
A striped overblouse, the chic must-have
A large canvas bag to slip in sunscreen, sunglasses and girls magazines
A pair of espadrille (the real rope ones!)

Long live farniente and idleness!

Here are some tips to avoid making styling mistakes.

Avoid too long or draped dresses as well as miniature ones.

We like red, orange, black, gray, pastels, not to mention floral prints (Super trendy right now). White is reserved for the bride.

The ideal dress? A model just above the knees, or almost, enhanced with pretty cutouts in the back and properly fitted to your body.

Demonstration by a star? Kate Bosworth wearing Hugo Boss


Avoid mixing more than three colors at once, this does not include accessories.

An example of a successful mix of colors? A yellow top + cyan pants.

Choose shades that enhance your complexion.



An urge to redo your interior decoration? Calm down… we have the solution for you, without having to take extreme measures. We love the new DOMO line by A.DZIF, a Canadian company famous for its decorative stickers for our refrigerators. Within seconds, you can be transported into the world of Mondrian (famous painter), or to a ballad on the riverfront … Great, isn’t it?

$ 65 for the fridge sticker

We like white, would it be chic, fatal or casual… because nothing is better to magnify our golden tan. And would you believe that white is the “in” colour next fall?
So what are you waiting for? Go for it!

Do you feel ready to expose your legs in the city?

When the temperature rises above the 30 degrees Celsius, we dream about wearing some. But the idea of showing some minor imperfections is often an obstacle to letting our legs breathe freely… So what to do? Here is an “urban” option: this formal model by H&M ($29.95), high waist, cuffs, and not too short. A tip: combine it with a jacket and a small feminine top. Shorts are chic… but not too short…

In preparation for sun tanning sessions on a beach chair, here are some dietary advice for a healthy body …

* It is advisable to drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid each day. Beware of fruit juices that often contain added sugar.

* Be wary of diet soda, they encourage addiction to sweet taste, and on top of that they are high in salt and phosphorus, not great for health…

* To avoid cravings, it is better to eat meals at set times: one serving of vegetables, lean meat, and a dairy product, and allow yourself two light meals (no nibbling).

Our favourite example? Tomato salad with a dash of olive oil + chicken brochette on a BBQ. Top!