An urge to redo your interior decoration? Calm down… we have the solution for you, without having to take extreme measures. We love the new DOMO line by A.DZIF, a Canadian company famous for its decorative stickers for our refrigerators. Within seconds, you can be transported into the world of Mondrian (famous painter), or to a ballad on the riverfront … Great, isn’t it?

$ 65 for the fridge sticker

Do you feel ready to expose your legs in the city?

When the temperature rises above the 30 degrees Celsius, we dream about wearing some. But the idea of showing some minor imperfections is often an obstacle to letting our legs breathe freely… So what to do? Here is an “urban” option: this formal model by H&M ($29.95), high waist, cuffs, and not too short. A tip: combine it with a jacket and a small feminine top. Shorts are chic… but not too short…

In preparation for sun tanning sessions on a beach chair, here are some dietary advice for a healthy body …

* It is advisable to drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid each day. Beware of fruit juices that often contain added sugar.

* Be wary of diet soda, they encourage addiction to sweet taste, and on top of that they are high in salt and phosphorus, not great for health…

* To avoid cravings, it is better to eat meals at set times: one serving of vegetables, lean meat, and a dairy product, and allow yourself two light meals (no nibbling).

Our favourite example? Tomato salad with a dash of olive oil + chicken brochette on a BBQ. Top!

The first one is to disconnect all the “appliances” that are not used, it is amazing the amount of heat these little creatures give off.

Get away from the sun between 11:00 and 16:00, when it is at its strongest.

Take a warm shower half an hour before going to bed.

And the best? Keep in the cool, door closed and curtains drawn… for a long lazy day.

Stars are more and more likely to trade their long mane for a short haircut.

Who said that only long hair were synonymous with beauty and femininity? Certainly not us! But one thing is certain, short must be very stylish! Lessons in pictures – and what do YOU think?Halle Berry

Milla Jovovich

Michelle Williams

Tilda Swinton

Who said the famous one piece was only for the older of us? This is completely wrong! It is now synonymous with elegance. Our opinion: this is the perfect choice when it comes to diving into swimming pools. Here are 3 very chic versions of it.


la vie en rose – $59,95


H&M $ 39,95

Father’s Day is looming, and for some, it’s a real puzzle: what to offer without breaking the bank? Here’s an chic and super accessible idea.
David’s Tea teas brought together five essentials in the box named Aficionado. To sip: White whiskey, Banspaty Assam, Earl Grey, Toasted Walnuts and Butter Rum. The packages are in the form of cigar cases. Manly teas!

$ 19.50 in David’s Tea shops or online:

To be continued….

This is one of the major trends of the season – and certainly not the easiest to master! Here are the models to avoid:

* Stop leggings
* Forget the “Neon” shades, not to fall into the “yoga” look
* Down with shorts!

Moral: certainly no “total look”, respect your body type, and take the opportunity to wear flat shoes – and take advantage to rest your feet.

After spending many months without seeing the slightest ray of sunshine, our feet did not look good … Here are some tips before proudly showing off our extremities as requested.
To remove dead cells and calluses, you can rub your feet with a pumice stone on wet skin – or with a grater on dry feet for greater efficiency.
Tip: do not sand the driest areas for not attacking your skin. Then apply your moisturizing right after to soothe friction.