Again, plain or twisted thick knitwear is trendy this year, showing Scandinavian patterns or other colourful snowflakes. Impossible to avoid this warm comforting trend, available in every possible colour at every brand’s in the world (Gap, Old Navy, The Bay, Zara, H&MRoots) – and at every price! We will mix them with leggings or slim pants, depending on our mood.

Tip: never forget! One of fashion most crucial rule is to always mix loose-fitting tops with slim bottoms.

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Old Navy

What’s more important than knowing yourself well to magnify your silhouette?

Here are some basic tips. Rule 1: wearing clothes too large for your body has never made anyone look thiner, even the opposite is happening.Rule 2: outline your waist, unveil a part of your leg, show a nice shaped cleavage, learn how to play with your curves, defy gravity and smooth out some parts of your body with a top, slim or wide pants, a pair of stiletto heel, a second-skin or totally flowing dress. One thing is certain: learn how to look at yourself with LOVE!