We say “NO” to crocodile skin… and yet the winter has everything to make them crack… your nerves and your soft skin! Here are two essential products you must have:

The Lipikar Balm by La Roche Posay for your body: a super-rich cream to help you get back your baby-skin.

Lipikar Balm by La Roche Posay for the body (400ml pump dispenser): $32.99

The Neutrogena moisturizing Hand Cream, Norwegian Formula: a great classic with an ultra-proven efficiency!

Neutrogena Hand Cream, Norwegian Formula (50ml): $6.99

What’s more important than knowing yourself well to magnify your silhouette?

Here are some basic tips. Rule 1: wearing clothes too large for your body has never made anyone look thiner, even the opposite is happening. Rule 2: outline your waist, unveil a part of your leg, show a nice shaped cleavage, learn how to play with your curves, defy gravity and smooth out some parts of your body with a top, slim or wide pants, a pair of stiletto heel, a second-skin or totally flowing dress. One thing is certain: learn how to look at yourself with LOVE!