It is Arizona Muse, one that Anna Wintour – famous editor of American Vogue, Pope of fashion around the world – said she was the Top of the year. That is to say! What distinguishes her – beyond a dream body, and tremendous legs – is her haircut: a lengendary soft plunging bob, reviewed in all the magazines and that all the girls are copying… A very classy new top!


Tips from a pro: In total look, play with colored blocks. For example, powder pink pants, a pistachio green top, and “Barbapapa” blue shoes.

Otherwise, you can also break it with a bright orange or sunny yellow, the other “hot” colors of the season. Do not forget to make it fun playing with transparencies, and subtle flights of lace and embroideries. A must!

Smile, it’s spring! Isn’t it the best reason to give a smile… white as snow! But do you know that brushing regularly is the first act to make them white? 3 times a day, for 3 good minutes! Nothing less. Going to work, take a brush kit and toothpaste or whitening gums, another option… “Cheeeeese”!

After “Material Girl”, a first line started with her daughter Lourdes in 2010, aimed at young customers, the American star is expanding her empire to shoes with a collection inspired by dance named “Truth or Dare”, for Autumn / Winter 2012/2013. This is the Canadian firm Aldo that will be responsible for the manufacture but also for design and creation, in close collaboration with the singer and her personal stylist, Arianne Phillips.
Target and price?
All women, from 27 to 50 years, should find what they’re looking for among the 60 different models … Price ranging from $ 89 to $ 349.
Where to find them?
In Canada, it will sold at the Bay. Another option is the net: Asos


Our favourite stars already adopted them…

They will have to be slinky down to the knees, and then slightly flare, without totally covering the shoes. In order not to look too “hippy”, it would be perfectly “IN” to perch yourself on high heels and walk around with a languorous well-balanced figure.

Here are some ideas between $50 and $80.




Pastel jeans, just because we remember the previous lesson! We want one more than anything: powdered pink, light blue, sea green or soft violet. In short, a model surfing on these pastel shades, a highlight of spring. A tip? Mix it with a “rock” t-shirt, to play with the contrasts. J. Brand, Rich & Skinny, H&M… What shape? Preferably slim, but an elastic slim, which will magnify your voluptuous body shapes. Spring will be chic!


It will be impossible this season to miss candy pink shades, faded sun yellow, powdered green or blue… the “hot” color chart of the summer, seen throughout all the shows, that will give us rosebud figures. What not to do? The total look to avoid looking like a cupcake! Meanwhile, nothing better that a pastel item to magnify your perfect golden skin.

his means in 2012:

Do not bother with endless brushings. How about a hair like “I just came out of shower… super sexy… almost damp still” (seen at Alexander Wang)? This is one of the fashion shows hits, announcing summer months…

A super natural complexion with slightly pink or apricot cheeks… like being young plants frolicking in the nature…

A deliciously soft pink or luminous red mouth…

An idea for a ​​makeup? narscosmetics !!!

Those who say they never dreamt about borrowing some of the British top model’s beauty tips are lying, impossible otherwise! Just imagine, the cute little twig, absolute and unbeatable fashion icon since the 90’s, has just developed her own line of lipsticks for Rimmel, named Lasting Finish ($5.99). So what? Shiny effect, creamy texture, and a color palette surfing from incendiary red to the most natural pink shades, there is frankly something for everyone and every skin tone. And if Kate wears it, this is necessarily high fashion, you can go with your eyes closed…