Embrace your waist with a thin belt, a band, or even a larger alternative. The belt is essential to draw a nice figure.








For women of great stature: long items – or medium length – are a must.

For smaller ones, flared dresses and skirts, a shape called “balloon”, magnify the silhouette.

And the essential… stiletto heels to get higher!
Never forget appearance is a whole: from head to toe. You have to coordinate your make-up with your look.








From the BAFTA, the Grammy Awards, to the Golden Globes and the Oscars … the red carpet gave the glamorous tone. So what are the trends for our next balls and galas? The focus must be on the dress and much less on the accessories, very discreet on sunny days.

White is IN. Would this strong trend of the season herald the comeback of marriage?..

Red also takes pride of place: cherry, carmine, or even orange are fashionable.

Classics like glitter, sequins and sheen are also back? Trying to dazzle everyone, aren’t we?

Next blog we will give you tips on how to perfectly wear and emphasize these gala gowns.

How to do the “voluptuous wavy” style? One should create the wave with a curling iron (1¼ inch) from the top of the hair, 3 inches from the root. The trick is to wrap the lock around the iron and then release it naturally to create smooth movements. Upside down, you then undo your hair with your fingers to create the “natural” finish.

Another tip? Use products rich in ceramides and thermal protectors that protect the hair by sealing small cracks before applying the curling iron.