You will not be able to avoid it! Orange, red, blue, green, and even fluorescent pink, colors will attack all styles and designs of shoes. Verdict? Nothing like a stronger look.


Summer days are just about to come, and here is the big comeback of flowers. Natural, you would say, this is the time to get drunk on their delicate fragrance, heady and mesmerizing… Alone or in a bouquet, small or oversized, they will be everywhere. Our advice? Do not wear them as a total look or you may develop allergies!

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In recent years, the Plus Size clothing offer has evolved a lot. Dressing trendy when you are 14 years and over and a plus is now less of a challenge than before. Some examples? The brands Addition Elle and Laura Plus (part of Laura Canada) tend to prove it. Illustrations in pictures: pants design going from slim (narrow) to the Versatile (adaptable size thanks to an elasticized waist), available in all season’s shades: a color palette going from “citrus” to blue, with some dresses decorated with color blocks, and underwear tinged with turquoise… but also evening gowns. Something to celebrate!


And what if every day was the earth day! What if every day, we tried to carry out small actions, which multiplied by millions, could change the face of the world. An idea? This line of household products, The Laundress, that are effective without damaging our environment. Icing on the cake? All Products are displayed in a great packaging combining sobriety and chic, definitely a plus! Not forgetting to say they are biodegradable, non toxic and fragrance free. We buy it!

Dish detergent: $ 15 click here!








Among this spring’s major trends are African prints, raffia (from palm leaves), seed beads and many touches of wood. How to wear these evocations from elsewhere? Pile up colorful bracelets around the wrists, horse hair and other talismans on multicolored necklaces, and do not restrain yourself! Ethnic and chic!

This is brand new: Mondor has just launched their on-line shopping website.

Chic, essentials, leggings, merino, we surf to discover the Canadian brand’s famous models, known for its top quality. You can find there beautiful stockings and tights, classic and chic, sober or flashy, that will give you the legs you always dreamt of.

Watch their discounts closely, they can go up to 25%! Isn’t life beautiful?

Why wait till April 21st, the Earth Day, to do some good to our planet? Let’s go right now for natural products, good for us too. An idea? The brand Korres, born in one of the oldest pharmacies in Athens.

These cosmetics contain only natural or certified organic ingredients, skin and environment-friendly. Some examples? The facial cleanser with white tea, a famous grass that awakens the body and skin ($26) or the shower gel body with basil and lemon ($ 22). Delicious mornings guaranteed!

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Feminine and trendy, the dress shirt is an essential this spring. No one can escape from it. And how should you wear it? With a belt delicately worn around your waist, and accessorized with a silk scarf for a Lady look. Chic!


This is one of our obsessions this spring, but of course also one of the famous people we like. The proof? They all fall for a nail polish with soft shades. Example? A light blue, like faded jeans shade.


And to test the multiple shades of the season, the OPI  website is at the top. And as we were telling you a few months ago, there is also an app for your smart phone.