Sochi organizers unveiled the medals for the 2014 Winter Olympics on Thursday. Organizers presented the medals featuring a ”patchwork quilt” design representing the different regions of Russia, which will be hosting its first Winter Games next February in the Black Sea resort. What are your thoughts?


Here is a look back at past Winter Olympic medal design.

Vancouver 2010


Turin 2006

Turin Olympic Medals

Salt Lake 2002


You do not have to be a sneaker aficionado to enjoy Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture. This exhibition at the Bata Shoe Museum  explores the history of the sneaker from the 19th century through to today. Out of the Box is the first exhibition in North America to showcase the history of sneaker culture and will feature over 120 sneakers representing the past 150 years.

The origin of the sneaker dates back to the middle of the 19th century when it emerged from a confluence of technological advancements and profound cultural shifts. These first sneakers were called plimsoles but by 1873, the term sneaker had been coined. By the middle of the 20th century the pursuit of bodily perfection took on nationalistic overtones and the sneaker became firmly entrenched in the wardrobe of millions. The ‘Me Generation’ of the 1970s shifted the focus of fitness from cultivating group identity to the pursuit of individual success and high-end athletic footwear became signifiers of conspicuous consumption. It was the embrace of the basketball shoe in American urban centers, however, at the end of the century that would give rise to sneaker culture and transform the sneaker into the icon that it is today.

The exhibition runs until March of 2014

We all have things that we like to hide in the deep dark corners of our purses. However, on the days you are feeling a little more transparent a see through bag helps you keep it simple and sleek. We just absolutely loved this DIY from Love Aesthetics. For full instructions on how to make this great bag click here