By: Marie Lynn Birks

Let’s face it this city loves food! Any one who has ever had a “gourmet mac n’ cheese” or a jacked up version of a meatloaf now considers them self a “foodie” and refuses to eat the food we grew up on unless it has been fried in duck confit fat or has been marinated in this week’s most popular craft beer. Torontonians are spoiled with the huge number of original and daring restaurants we get to chose from for our Saturday night out. Most of us will sit around with our limited knowledge of cooking and food and debate about which new hot spot has the better menu, or better selection or who’s more original.

Well our uneducated debate can come to a close! Last month local chef’s Joe Friday and Devan Rajkumar started the new food event “Toronto’s Underground Chef Cartel”. Capitalizing off the hugely popular food network the event consists of two local chef’s who will square off against each other to compete for the most original and well prepared dishes show casing a specific ingredient they are given just seconds before the battle. The food is judged by a cut throat panel of chefs, food bloggers, restaurant owners and the general audience.

Admission is very reasonable at $25 a ticket, which allows you into the show a drink ticket and some appetizers. The entire night is filmed and features a local DJ for additional entertainment. Check out the latest battle!

So what do you think foodies? Are we ready to take our passion for food to a place that no longer includes actually eating the food? Do you want to watch your favourite local chef’s battle it out in an gritty no holds bar competition for bragging rights?

I know I do!