Designers Kyuhyung Cho and Hironori Tsukue have created tables and chairs that clip together to form an assortment of shelving units. Benches, stacks of shelves or huge storage systems can be created using combinations of upright and flipped-over items in the Oneness collection. These pieces would be great in a small condo – storage for everyday living and seating for when you have guests over!

dezeen_Oneness-by-Kyuhyung-Cho-and-Hironori-Tsukue_2 dezeen_Oneness-by-Kyuhyung-Cho-and-Hironori-Tsukue_7 dezeen_Oneness-by-Kyuhyung-Cho-and-Hironori-Tsukue_6 dezeen_Oneness-by-Kyuhyung-Cho-and-Hironori-Tsukue_5 dezeen_Oneness-by-Kyuhyung-Cho-and-Hironori-Tsukue_4

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