It’s hot out there and you would probably pay a million dollars for a cool iced coffee. Have you ever thought about how much you are paying?At $3 a pop that regular trip to the coffee shop might be putting a bigger dent into your wallet than you think. Why not try brewing your own cup at home. Making cold brew is as simple as mixing cool water and ground coffee, ┬ábut keeping these basic parameters in mind will help you along:


1) Time: Cold brew requires 12 hours to steep. This seems like a lot of time but really you can make enough coffee for the week in one go. You can store the mixture for 10 days if refrigerated.

2) Ratio: Since you are making a concentrate the ratio of coffee to water is high. Roughly 1 part ground coffee to 4.5 parts water (hot brewing is 1:16).

3) Mixing: When you are adding the water add the coffee then water in alternating halves. Resist the urge to stir.

4) Cover and wait 12 hours.

5) Filter: You can use your french press to filter out the grounds or you can use a sieve.

6) Cut the concentrate with one part water and serve over ice. Add milk or sugar to your liking!

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