It is hot and humid out there today and while your tan may be looking great your hair is probably all over the place. We have the ULTIMATE hot weather hair do to keep you looking sophisticated in this uncooperative weather.

The Sock Bun

What you’ll need:

  • sock
  • hair tie
  • scissors

How to:

  • Cut the toe off your sock to create a tub
  • Roll the sock inwards on itself to create a donut shape
  • Secure your hair into a pony tail at the height you want your bun
  • Pull the pony tail through the sock donut and spread the ends of your hair around the sock
  • Roll the sock down the length of your ponytail. Wrap your hair around the sock as you go.
  • Once you reach the base of your ponytail make sure the ends of your hair are tucked in and the sock is covered with hair.

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