1) Purge and De-clutter. We all have stuff in our closet that we’ve been hanging on to saying “I’ll wear it one day”. The simple fact is, you will have more space if you get rid of the stuff you never wear. Ask yourself this question “Have I worn this in the past year.” If the answer is NO get rid of it.

2) Use coordinated hangers for a clean  and organized look. We suggest using Huggable Hangers because of their space saving 1/4″ profile. They have a velvety finish that prevents clothing from falling off and protects delicate garments. Don’t let the slim look fool you. These hangers are strong enough to hold your winter coat.

3) Shelf dividers don’t necessarily create more space but they will help you to keep your closet organized, which creates the illusion of more space. Plus – you’ll actually be able to find stuff. Dividers allow you to store purses, sweaters scarves etc all on the same shelf without them toppling into one another creating a giant pile. We like the look of these ones from the container store.

4) Hooks! There are tons of different types of hooks that you can use inside your closet.There are ones that you can place over the door to provide storage for belts, ties and handbags or single hooks that you can place where ever you have some extra underutilized space. Sneaky tip: place some behind your hanging rod for those specialized items that you rarely use. We like this over the door 6 Hook Rack.

5) Baskets are great for organizing loose items on your shelves. Make sure to group items into each basket so you will know what you are looking for. Use light colored baskets so it is easier to see what is inside. Put larger baskets on the floor of your closet and store off season items.

Photo Credit: BHG

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