No down jacket or winter boots talking here… But then “what is it? “You ask yourself, stamping with impatience! So what is it about, you wonder!!! In the evening, once the children have gone to bed, slip into a warm bath to which you add a few drops of SOS Cold Bath from Lotus Aroma. Really? Yes, it works! Eucalyptus essential oil contained in the SOS Cold bubble bath provides heat that warms your body… and your heart. Now you shiver with pleasure!

Available in pharmacies

These two words do not sound like they can easily be next to each other, but here are two ways to avoid contracting pneumonia at the first gust of wind… while being trendy of course!

We love:

A fur hat from Canadian brand Nobis ($69.99):

A pair shoes from Australian brand EMU ($199), vintage sneakers look, but lined with sheepskin and fully waterproof:

Chic and Warm we said!

We love this famous accessory that makes our legs highly desirable… and protects them from cold. But what are the trends this season?

The prints: dots, lace, geometric patterns, animal prints. This winter, there is something for everyone! Be careful though to choose the good pattern for your body type, the biggest the pattern is, the thicker your legs look – and the opposite…

We will go for the season’s palette: shades of grey, black and blue. Unlike our colorful wardrobe, stockings are better in more neutral colors.

Now our legs can be sexy and warm, all at the same time!

Today we decided to reveal one of the stars and models best kept secrets… a beauty tip that proved itself along the years. Pure chlorophyll! One teaspoon in a glass of water every morning before breakfast gives you a glowing complexion. This is very simple, as it helps detoxifying your body, your skin just looks healthier. A 3 weeks course 4 times a year is enough, just like top models do!

Available in pharmacies and organic stores.

Again, plain or twisted thick knitwear is trendy this year, showing Scandinavian patterns or other colourful snowflakes. Impossible to avoid this warm comforting trend, available in every possible colour at every brand’s in the world (Gap, Old Navy, The Bay, Zara, H&MRoots) – and at every price! We will mix them with leggings or slim pants, depending on our mood.

Tip: never forget! One of fashion most crucial rule is to always mix loose-fitting tops with slim bottoms.

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Old Navy

What’s more important than knowing yourself well to magnify your silhouette?

Here are some basic tips. Rule 1: wearing clothes too large for your body has never made anyone look thiner, even the opposite is happening.Rule 2: outline your waist, unveil a part of your leg, show a nice shaped cleavage, learn how to play with your curves, defy gravity and smooth out some parts of your body with a top, slim or wide pants, a pair of stiletto heel, a second-skin or totally flowing dress. One thing is certain: learn how to look at yourself with LOVE!